Release date: October 2014
Label: MGP Records (UK), mgpcd012

1) Hand on Heart
2) Can't be Trusting You
3) We Will be Fine
4) Don't Make It All About You
5) Still it's Winter
6) Miss Fortune
7) Leave It
8) Two Chicks in Korea
9) Pop Song
10) Ain't Nothin' To It
11) Better the Devil...


Released 15 October 2014

All tracks written and arranged by Marco Meniconi.
Tracks 1,2,3,4,6,8,9,10 co-written with Hayley Williams.
Track 11 co-written with Rietta Austin.

Horns by Kick Horns.
Horn arrangement for track 10 by Simon Clarke.
Horn arrangements for tracks 1,6,7 by Simon Clarke and Marco Meniconi.
Horn arrangement for track 5 by Tim Sanders.
Horn arrangements for tracks 2,3,4,8,9,11 by Tim Sanders and Marco Meniconi.

All tracks produced by Marco Meniconi, co-produced by Mike Vindice.

Recorded at;
HQ Studios, Manchester, UK (Engineered by Mike Vindice) and
Early Doors, West Yorkshire, UK (Engineered by Marco Meniconi).

The Kick Horns recorded at the Tall Place, London, UK.

Drums on track 5 recorded by Mat Hector at Hector's House Studio, Kent, UK.
Drums on track 8 and congas on tracks 1,4,5,6,11 recorded at Dany Schynder's Studio, Lucerne, Switzerland.

Guitar on tracks 2,3,4,9,10 recorded by Mark Wraith, Guildford, Surrey, UK.
Guitar solo on track 7 recorded by Nat Martin, Guildford, Surrey, UK.
Guitar solo on track 10 recorded by Pete Roth, Guildford, Surrey, UK.
Guitar solo on track 8 recorded by Nicolas Meier, Guildford, Surrey, UK.
Guitar solo on track 11 by Paul Etterlin, Haemikon, Switzerland.

Keyboards on track 8 recorded by Jez Davies, Woking, Surrey, UK.
Keyboards on tracks 1,3,4,9 recorded by Spencer James, Kings Langley, Kertfordshire, UK.
Keyboards on track 110 recorded by Mikaly Horvath, Beinwil a.S., Switzerland.

Mixed by Mike Vindice and Marco Meniconi at HQ Studios, Manchester
Mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, London

Artwork and photography by Sharon Fortune